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About the Wiki

If you see a red link, then there's nothing on that page yet. If you follow the link, you can create the page.

How to write wiki code

To make a link in your text, put [[double square brackets]] around a word or phrase.

  • Carriage returns are not shown unless you make two of them
If you start a line with a space 
then it shows up monospaced, like this :
great for code examples.

For larger preformatted text passages you can use the <pre>a lot of text</pre> tag.

  • Use stars for bullet points
  1. Use hashes for numbered lists
  2. like this.

===equals signs for headings===

Here's a wiki markup cheat sheet from Wikia.

User Pages

A list of all the user pages

By the way, if you want to make a link to your user page, there is a automatic way - type three tildes like this ~~~.