Class X3DConcreteField

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
MFBool, MFColor, MFColorRGBA, MFDouble, MFFloat, MFImage, MFInt32, MFMatrix3d, MFMatrix3f, MFMatrix4d, MFMatrix4f, MFNode, MFRotation, MFString, MFTime, MFVec2d, MFVec2f, MFVec3d, MFVec3f, MFVec4d, MFVec4f, SFBool, SFColor, SFColorRGBA, SFDouble, SFFloat, SFImage, SFInt32, SFMatrix3d, SFMatrix3f, SFMatrix4d, SFMatrix4f, SFNode, SFRotation, SFString, SFTime, SFVec2d, SFVec2f, SFVec3d, SFVec3f, SFVec4d, SFVec4f

public abstract class X3DConcreteField
extends java.lang.Object
implements X3DField
Concrete implementation class corresponding to X3DField.

See Also:
SAI Java Specification: B.4.11 X3DFieldTypes, SAI Abstract Specification: 5.2.15 SAIFieldType, X3D Tooltips, X3D Scene Authoring Hints
  • Field Summary

    Modifier and Type Field Description
    protected static java.lang.StringBuilder validationResult
    Results log of local validation.
  • Constructor Summary

    Constructor Description
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    void addX3DEventListener​(X3DFieldEventListener newListener)
    WARNING not tested
    X3DConcreteFieldDefinition getDefinition()
    WARNING not implemented
    static int getTupleSize​(java.lang.String fieldType)
    Compute tuple size for given type (for example, SFVec3f and MFVec3f have tupleSize of 3).
    java.lang.String getValidationResult()
    Get output of results from prior validation, if any
    abstract void initialize()
    Initialization sets default initial value.
    boolean isReadable()
    Check whether field is readable, default /true/
    boolean isWritable()
    Check whether field is writable, default /true/
    void removeX3DEventListener​(X3DFieldEventListener listener)
    WARNING not tested
    void setReadable​(boolean newValue)
    Set whether field is readable
    void setWritable​(boolean newValue)
    Set whether field is writable

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