Class SFTime

All Implemented Interfaces:
SFTime, X3DField

public class SFTime
extends X3DConcreteField
implements SFTime
This utility class provides a concrete implementation corresponding to SFTime X3D field type.

Package hint: This specification class is defined by the X3D Java Language Binding Specification for the Scene Authoring Interface (SAI). SFTime specifies a single time value, expressed as a double-precision floating point number. Typically, SFTime fields represent the number of seconds since Jan 1, 1970, 00:00:00 GMT.

Related field object: MFTime
See Also:
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  • Field Summary

    Modifier and Type Field Description
    static double DEFAULT_VALUE
    Default value for this field type is a -1 value.
    static java.lang.String DEFAULT_VALUE_STRING
    Default string value for this field type is "-1.0".
    static java.lang.String NAME
    String constant NAME provides name of this element: SFTime
    static java.util.regex.Pattern PATTERN
    Precompiled regular expression (regex) pattern for this field type using default REGEX value.
    static java.lang.String REGEX
    Default regular expression (regex) pattern for this field type is (\s)*([+-]?
    static int TUPLE_SIZE
    Default tuple size for this field type is 1 (i.e. number of component values making up a single-field SF object).

    Fields inherited from class org.web3d.x3d.jsail.fields.X3DConcreteField

  • Constructor Summary

    Constructor Description
    Constructor for SFTime performs value initialization.
    SFTime​(double newValue)
    Constructor for SFTime using a corresponding Java primitive double as new initial value.
    SFTime​(float newValue)
    Constructor using float as new initial value.
    SFTime​(int newValue)
    Constructor using int as new initial value.
    SFTime​(SFTime newValue)
    Constructor to copy an SFTime value as initial value for this new field object.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    boolean equals​(SFTime comparisonSFTime)
    Determine whether two objects contain equal values.
    long getJavaValue()
    Get the current value.
    double getPrimitiveValue()
    Provides current value of the field as a Java primitive type.
    double getValue()
    Get the current value.
    void initialize()
    Initialization for SFTime applies default initial value.
    static boolean isArray()
    Whether or not this field type is an array (false)
    boolean isDefaultValue()
    Determine whether current value matches DEFAULT_VALUE
    boolean matches()
    Test PATTERN match via regular expression (regex) check of current object's toString() value.
    static boolean matches​(java.lang.String value)
    Test PATTERN match with regular expression (regex) of provided value.
    void setValue​(double newValue)
    Assign a new value to this field.
    SFTime setValue​(float newValue)
    Apply a float value to this double field type, note change in precision.
    SFTime setValue​(int newValue)
    Apply an int value to this double field type, note change in precision.
    void setValue​(long newValue)
    Assign a new value, converting seconds from (long) to (double).
    SFTime setValue​(SFTime newValue)
    Apply an SFTime value to this field.
    SFTime setValueByString​(java.lang.String newValue)
    Utility accessor for SFTime using String value (which must pass parsing validation checks).
    java.lang.String stripTrailingZeroes()
    Utility method to strip trailing fractional zeroes from String representations of the current object's value.
    static java.lang.String stripTrailingZeroes​(double value)
    Utility method to always strip trailing fractional zeroes from String value of any given double.
    java.lang.String toString()
    Provides current value as a String.
    static java.lang.String toString​(double value)
    Static utility method to provide String representation of a correctly typed input value.
    java.lang.String validate()
    Validate current value via get/set comparison tests
    java.lang.String validateRegex()
    Validate current value via regular expression (regex) check of current object's toString() value, reporting errors only if found.

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