Class X3DConcreteFieldDefinition

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public abstract class X3DConcreteFieldDefinition extends Object implements X3DFieldDefinition
Concrete implementation class corresponding to X3DField.

Warning: this is an abstract interface that cannot be instantiated as a concrete object. Java programmers typically only need to use concrete objects provided by the org.web3d.x3d.jsail classes.
Package hint: This specification class is defined by the X3D Java Language Binding Specification for the Scene Authoring Interface (SAI).

Representation of a node's field definition.

The field definition holds static field information such as the field access type, data type and name of the field.

The implementation of the toString() method of this class shall return the full IDL declaration of the field as per the specification, not the UTF8 or XML format. Implementation of .equals() shall return true if the two field definitions share the same access type, data type and name. It shall not include the underlying field's values at that point in time.

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