Oct 1st, 2014 at 5:00pm PDT, Agenda and Minutes

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Don Brutzman, Richard Puk, and William Glascoe

1. Should there be a new Level of Articulation for the FMA terms of all movable bony joints?

We cannot change the joint name without a big problem (that being extant content will be unplayable). The backwards compatiabilty of X3D specifications must prevail.

2. Dick recommends make sure the joint names are consistent for all the LoAs.

3. William will populate the Joint Name tab tomorrow (02 Oct 2014) in the SiteNameComparisonsByLOA.xlsx file Don sent tonight.

4. Dick suggests there be an annex (or additional text) for how to use the LoA tables. For example, we should have explanations for an author on how to animate a limping adult.

5. Part 1 Architecture: Myeong Won would like to describe how to use LOA1-3 tables. She is working on the text for Motion Capture and Facial Animation.

6. Next H-Anim meeting is proposed for the 22nd of Oct at 5pm Pacific Time.

7. The Korean Chapter (face-to-face) 2-day meeting is tentatively schedule to start 26 Jan 2015.