May 13th, 2015 at 5:00pm PDT, Agenda and Minutes

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Joe Williams, William Glascoe, Myeong Won Lee, Dick Puk, Jung-Ju Choi

1. H-Anim LOA3 Facial Problem

Rotation centers and angles at facial joints

2. Skin & segments review

interface Humanoid skin, skinCoord, skinNormal

Joe described how to use skinCoordWeight and skinCoordIndex fields to move a mesh about the Joint object (node) in a humanoid. Most basic and reliable way to do it is to document everything completely.

Find number of those vertices and but them in the skin coord index to manipulate the skin.

Sooner or later all the vertices controlled by a joint must be listed.

Some authoring systems have utilities that allow an artist to assign weights in area of vertices saving lots of time.

Myeong Won recaps Joe's discussion on how to animate skin. Displacers are used to animate skin while joints are still using a time sensor (e.g., flexing a muscle)

3. Facial examples (LOA3)

Joe recounts history of browser makers. For example, Octaga had a slightly different architecture for animating the skin that required a little different technique to do skin vertex animation. Flux, BS Contact were able to implement skinning. Joe will send Myeong two examples of skin animation.

4. Scheduling next meeting (1st Wednesday) June 3rd at 5:00pm PDT (4th, 9:00am KST)