Augmented Reality Event 2010

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The Web3D Consortium held a special interest group meeting on June 2, 2010 with AR application developers and industry leaders interested in using open standards. These AR heroes developing X3D based AR applications outlined a case for open standards, demonstrated how to build AR applications using existing open standards and discussed how the Web3D Consortium can shepherd a roadmap for open AR technology. The Web3D Consortium plans to start a SIG to help us all connect and drive open standards for AR forward. Please contact Anita Havele or Damon Hernandez if you are interested in participating. We would like to thank all those who participated in this meeting.

Presenters and Slide Sets:

  • Michael Zoellner, Fraunhofer, Germany

X3DOM, standards based solution for AR developers

  • Micheal Aratow, VP Web3D Consortium, Menlo Park, CA

Augmented Reality and Medicine

  • Sid Gabriel, TechnologistMedia, San Francisco, CA

AR Standards: Why All This Shift Matters

  • David Colleen, CEO, Planet 9 Studios, San Francisco, CA

Open Standards For Augmented & Mixed Reality Applications

  • Anita Havele, Executive Director, Web3D Consortium, Menlo Park, CA

X3D - An Open Standards for AR

  • Damon Hernandez, Web3D Consortium, Menlo Park, CA