Package org.web3d.x3d.jsail.ParticleSystems

package org.web3d.x3d.jsail.ParticleSystems
The Particle Systems component specifies how to model particles and their interactions through the application of basic physics principles to affect motion.

The X3D Java Scene Access Interface (x3djsail) package provides concrete classes for each X3D node and statement.

Online: X3D Java Scene Access Interface Library (X3DJSAIL) and X3DJSAIL Javadoc

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  • Classes
    BoundedPhysicsModel provides user-defined geometrical boundaries for particle motion.
    ConeEmitter generates all available particles from a specific point in space.
    ExplosionEmitter generates all particles from a specific point in space at the initial time enabled.
    ForcePhysicsModel applies a constant force value to the particles.
    ParticleSystem specifies a complete particle system.
    PointEmitter generates particles from a specific point in space using the specified direction and speed.
    PolylineEmitter emits particles along a single polyline.
    SurfaceEmitter generates particles from the surface of an object.
    VolumeEmitter emits particles from a random position confined within the given closed geometry volume.
    WindPhysicsModel applies a wind effect to the particles.