Web3D Seoul Meetings 2013, Seoul Palace Hotel, Seoul, Korea, January 28-30, 2013

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Web3D / Vision Meetings

January 28-30, 2013

Seoul Palace Hotel (http://www.seoulpalace.co.kr/eng/)

Host KATS Organizer KSA, SC24 Korea, Web3D Korea

In parallel with a Web3D Teleconference Call

January 28 , Monday, 9:00-16:00 Web3D WG Meeting

(Room: Maple 3F)

  • 9:00-10:30 Web3D CAD WG Meeting
  • 10:30-12:00 Web3D H-Anim WG Meeting
  • 12:00-13:00 Lunch
  • 14:30-16:00 Web3D e-Learning SIG Meeting
  • 17:00-18:30 Web3D AR WG Meeting

January 29, Tuesday, 9:00-17:00 Web3D & Vision Meeting

(Room: Dynasty B1F)

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Web3D Consortium/X3D Updates and New Initiatives, Anita Havele (Web3D Consortium)
  • The Future Evolution of X3D, Richard F. Puk (Intelligraphics Incorporated)
  • Recent status of SEDRIS Standards, Farid Mamaghani (SEDRIS Organization)
  • Feasibility of OpenCV API Standardization, Yunkoo Chung (ETRI)
  • Telco's View on AR, Sun-Young Cho (KT)
  • 12:00-13:00 Lunch
  • Synthetic Environment Visualization with SEDRIS, Hyeong Ki Kim and Soonhung Han (KAIST)
  • Information Exploration of Sensor Web using 3D Web Technologies, Byounghyun Yoo (KIST)
  • X3D Physical Sensor Interface, Myeong Won Lee (Univ. of Suwon)
  • Sensor Web Standards in OGC, ChungWeon Oh (Namseoul Univ.)
  • Projective Texture Mapping, Kwan-Hee Yoo (Chungbuk National Univ)
  • A Management System of Security Devices in 3D Virtual Space, Kwan-Hee Yoo (Chungbuk National U.)
  • 15:00-15:30 Coffee Break
  • 3D Facial Animation in X3D, Jung-Ju Choi (Ajou Univ.)
  • H-Anim Motion Defintion, Myeong Won Lee (Univ. of Suwon)
  • Extending X3D to Support AR & MR Visualization, Gun Lee (Univ. of Canterbury, NZ)
  • CAD-to-X3D Conversion, Hyonkwang Lee (Part DB Inc.)
  • 18:00 Reception (Stone Plate 1F)

January 30, Wednesday, 9:00-12:00 Web3D Editing Meeting

(Room: Dynasty B1F)

  • 9:00-12:00 KST Wed3D Proposals (SC24 WG6 Proposals) Draft Review Meeting
  • Projective Texture Mapping, Kwan-Hee Yoo (Chungbuk National Univ.)
  • Augmented Reality Continuum Functions in X3D, Gun Lee (Univ. of Canterbury, NZ)
  • H-Anim Motion Definition, Myeong Won Lee (Univ. of Suwon)
  • CAD-to-X3D Conversion, Hyokwang Lee (Part DB Inc.)

SC24 WG9 Meeting

January 30-31, 2013

Dynasty, B1F, Seoul Palace Hotel (http://www.seoulpalace.co.kr/eng/)

Host KATS Organizer KSA, SC24 Korea

(Room: Dynasty B1F)

  • January 30, Wednesday, 13:30-16:30 WG9 Editing Meeting
  • January 31, Thursday, 9:00-16:30 WG9 Editing Meeting

In parallel with the ISO Teleconference: https://iso-meetings.webex.com/ Please inform Prof. Gerry Kim, Korea Univ. gjkim@korea.ac.kr ahead of time if you plan to attend.