Package ConformanceNist.Appearance.Appearance

package ConformanceNist.Appearance.Appearance
  • Class Summary
    Test the Appearance node texture field to accept an ImageTexture node.
    Test of Appearance node ability to accept a Material node as an argument for the material field.
    Test of the Appearance node ability to accept a MovieTexture in its texture field.
    Test the browser implementation of a NULL transformation.
    Test Appearance node ability to accept a PixelTexture in the texture field.
    Test of the textureTransform field of the Appearance node by applying rotations of (left to right) 0, 90, 180, 270 and 360 degrees to an ImageTexture mapped to the faces of primitive geometry.
    Test unlit, uncolored, untextured geometry.
    Test unlit, colored geometry.
    Test unlit, colored and greyscale textured geometry.
    Test unlit, greyscale textured geometry.
    Test unlit, transparent greyscale textured geometry with alpha-opacity.
    Test unlit PointSet and IndexedLineSet rendering.
    Test rendering of transparent color ImageTexture with no Material node present.
    Test rendering of no Material node, a 'green' Color node and a color ImageTexture.
    Test rendering when no Material node, no Color node and an ImageTexture is applied to a row containing primitive geometry.