X3D and HTML5 Summary

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  • Family of X3D Specifications;
    • X3D Abstract Specification describes basic functionality
    • XML, ClassicVRML, and Compressed Binary Encoding
    • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) Ecmascript (Javascript) and Java
  • Relationships between scene graphs, APIs and render layers;
    • Scene graphs are high-level declarative models about how geometry is constructed, colored and animated; these can be expressed as an XML tree
    • APIs are mid-level libraries for programmers to create imperative source code about geometry and animation
    • Render layers are low-level software libraries that expose the functionality of graphics hardware (e.g. OpenGL, DirectX, etc.)
  • Similarities between MathML, SVG, and X3D;
    • MathML describes mathematical expressions
  • Simple X3D example and HTML5 examples; (how current integration looks like via object model then to html5)
    • X3D scene as external reference
    • X3D as embedded object;
    • HTML5 with embedded x3d as mixed namespaces;
    • Template for demo = html5+x3d event passing connections.
  • Recommendations for html5 specification.