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The goal of the X3D Plugfest is to foster interoperability between X3D players. This is a regular event that brings content authors, authoring tool vendors and browser implementers together to work on interoperability issues. Consistent quality for X3D content helps everyone.

Basic browser support for X3D is tracked on the Player support for X3D components page.

The X3D Plugfest will be held at the Web3D Consortium Members Meeting, Wednesday, March 4th, 2009, at the NASA Ames research facility in Moffett Field, CA.

This page will be the navigation home page for the upcoming X3D Plugfest. Content will be linked from this page for everyone's review.

Please Note: submitted .x3d files must be zipped before being uploaded. Alternatively, links to online content can be provided.

Description fields: include a description of your content, or else a description of the problem and any results from the browsers you've tested.

Content Release Option: specify whether the content can be released publicly or just distributed to browser implementers for testing.

Past PlugFest Content

2009 Plugfest Content

X3D Content Date Author Content Description Problem Description Content Releasability
HelloWorld.x3d 21 February 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS Hello World simple scene (example image) Quality of Sphere geometry, Text alignment, default X3D navigation mode is EXAMINE Public
Web3dLogo.x3d and X3DTimeline.x3d 21 February 2009 Anita Havele, Web3D Consortium Outreach examples for Web3D Consortium Prototype interoperability between browsers beta development, will be Public
LineProperties.x3d 21 February 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS Material support (example image: LineProperties ) Demonstrate lineType capabilities Public
FillProperties.x3d 21 February 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS Material support (example image: FillProperties) Demonstrate hatchStyle capabilities Public
SpringExamples.x3d 21 February 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS Universal Media Materials examples Proper rendering of Material values, ProtoDeclare and ExternProtoDeclare support, anchor links to HTML should get handed off to web browser Public
horizon3.x3d 21 February 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS Universal Media Panoramas examples Background textures, handle or ignore URN Public
UserInteractivitySensorNodes.x3d 21 February 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS X3D for Web Authors examples scene to demonstrate user interaction (before and after images) TouchSensor, PlaneSensor, CylinderSensor, SphereSensor, KeySensor and StringSensor Public
CreateX3dFromStringRandomSpheres.x3d 21 February 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS X3D Basic examples scene to generate new X3D geometry using an embedded Script node Script node, ECMAScript support for createX3dFromString function Public
Gimbals.x3d 21 February 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS X3D Basic examples scene to show coordinate-system rotation values Shows Extrusion, Text, TouchSensor and Script nodes working together, also tests proper keyboard navigation using PgUp PgDn Home End keys. Public
ViewpointGroupTest.x3d 28 February 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS X3D Basic examples scene to demonstrate ViewpointGroup support Shows ViewpointGroup nodes containing nested Viewpoints to support user navigation in large worlds. Public

X3D Content BS Contact FreeWRL, FreeX3D Instant Player Octaga Vivaty Xj3D
HelloWorld.x3d fails, defaults to FLY mode Pass Pass Pass fails, defaults to FLY mode fails Text vertical alignment
Web3dLogo.x3d and X3DTimeline.x3d Logo seems ok - unsure what Timeline should look like; cant find file "web3d_logo.x3d' - maybe case problem
LineProperties.x3d fails Line - mostly ok - line end arrows not rendered; possibly other differences Pass Pass fails Pass
FillProperties.x3d fail Fill - uses rasterization, better code not released yet. fail Pass
SpringExamples.x3d no ExternProtoDeclare support yet in XML parser interface code fail fail
horizon3.x3d Pass Pass Pass Pass fails Pass
UserInteractivitySensorNodes.x3d Pass Pass KeySensor works but StringSensor fails Pass StringSensor duplicates characters Pass
Gimbals.x3d Pass Pass Pass crash Works OK but Extrusion ends are warped
ViewpointGroupTest.x3d fail OK except for nested ViewpointGroup Pass fail fail