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The goal of the X3D Plugfest is to foster interoperability between X3D players. This event will bring content authors, authoring tool vendors and browser implementers together to work on interoperability issues.

This page will be the navigation home page for the upcoming X3D Plugfest. Content will be linked from this page for everyone's review.

Please Note: .x3d files must be zipped before being uploaded.

Include in the Description fields - A description of your content. A description of your problem and any results from the browsers you've tested. Content Relese Option - Specify whether the content can be released publically or just distributed to browser implementers for testing.

2009 Plugfest Content

Content Date Author Short Description Problem Description Release
HelloWorld.x3d 21 February 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS Hello World example Simple geometry, Text alignment, ImageTexture, default X3D navigation mode is EXAMINE Public
SpringExamples.x3d 21 February 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS Universal Media Materials examples Proper Material rendering, ProtoDeclare, ExternProtoDeclare, anchor links to HTML Public
horizon3.x3d 21 February 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS Universal Media Panoramas examples Background textures, handle or ignore URN Public
Media:Web3DTimeline.zip Feb 17, 2009 Anita Havele, Web3D Consortium Evolution of the Web3D Consortium Protos - interoperability between browsers Public
Link to content... Upload date Your Name and Company Content Description here Problem Description here Content release option