X3D JSON Encoding

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Preliminary notes on the creation of an X3D JSON encoding.

  • This page is to understand the conversion process so that a high-quality encoding definition can be created
  • Don Brutzman started a thread on the X3D-Public list.
    • Initial message [1]
    • July's thread listing [2]

Conversion Issues

  • How to convert attribute names to distinguish them from child elements
  • Handling of container elements
  • Creation of JSON elements with datatypes appropriate to content (e.g., integer, float, strings, etc.)
  • Inclusion of XML namespaces
  • Handing of comments in the source
    • {LD} I don't see an issue of dropping comments during conversion. This is not suppose to be a conversion of files to maintain an archive, but a conversion for use. JSON does provide comment mechanisms.
  • Don reported that self-closing tags are not missing from his test runs


  • LD - Leonard Daly


  • XML to JSON Converter (provides option to assign a prefix to JSON attributes, default is @ character) [3]
  • Apache Camel, XML JSON Data Format (camel-xmljson) [4]
  • JSON Markup Language (JsonML) [5]
  • XSLTJSON: Transforming XML to JSON using XSLT [6]
  • Converting Between XML and JSON [7]
  • XML/JSON Perl Converter [8]
  • IBM's PHP converter [9]
  • Java Converter [10]
  • Google Code Library [11]