X3D Development Public Plans

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Public plans for upcoming releases of X3D:

  • X3D version 3.3 has been finalized as an ISO Final Draft International Standard (FDIS). The text has been sent to ISO/IEC for final ballot. Please see comments with the currently balloted specification.
  • X3D version 3.4 Development efforts are evolutionary improvements to the proven X3D Graphics architecture.
    • Working groups are currently defining future goals and requirements.
  • X3D version 4.0 Development efforts are considering potentially major additions to the baseline X3D architecture.
    • Major technology under consideration: HTML5/Declarative 3D/X3DOM
    • Major technology under consideration: Augmented Reality Continuum (ARC)
    • Please contact us if you think additional technologies need to be considered.
    • X3D future planning is currently a Web3D Consortium member-only activity.