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Web3D 2014 Conference

We will hold an inaugural Workshop at Web3D 2014 and also host a BOF session at SIGGRAPH 2014. Come and join us in Vancouver, BC!


  • Challenges and Outlook (10 min) - Nicholas Polys Ph.D., Virginia Tech
  • Smithsonian 3D Digitization Initiative (25 min) - Gunter Waibel Ph.D., Smithsonian Institute
  • European Initiatives, CultLab3D (25 min) - Pedro Santos Ph.D., Fraunhofer IGD
  • Working Group Scoping (20 min discussion) - Nicholas Polys
  • Next Steps (10 min) - Nicholas Polys

Web3D Consortium Cultural Heritage Working Group

Proposed Charter Scope

Web3D Cultural Heritage

Millions of cultural heritage artifacts populate our museums and about 90% still await discovery in museum archives. The 3D Documentation of cultural heritage artifacts represents a huge market potential which is largely unexplored. This workshop will launch the Charter for a new Web3D Consortium Working Group on Cultural Heritage addressing:

  • Arbitrary availability and concurrent access to digital surrogates of cultural heritage artifacts for art historians and scientists.
  • Use of digital surrogates in cultural heritage institutions for exhibition planning, documentation and acquisition planning.
  • Virtual presentation (combined with new forms of presentation technologies, such as hybrid exhibitions) as a means to increase attractiveness • Physical surrogates based on digital 3D models.
  • Substitute loaning of cultural heritage artifacts by digital surrogates avoiding damage from transport, insurance fees and legal issues.
  • Reusability of historically correct 3D models in gaming and film industry as well as for architectural reconstruction.

Web3D 2015 Conference

To be held in Heraklion, Crete in June 2015!