Tool support for X3D components

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The Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics standard has many capabilities. X3D components are modular collections of nodes that make it easier for software to gradually implement the full range of X3D capabilities.

Authors can also indicate what components are needed in an X3D scene in order to ensure that proper support is provided at run time.

This table records support for the official X3D components by each of the various X3D authoring tools and X3D conversioon tools. It is maintained by the X3D Working Group and member companies in the Web3D Consortium.

The X3D Resources page provides lots of additional information about X3D. Please Contact Web3D if you want to learn more or report an update.

Related page: Player support for X3D components

Table key

  •    yes     all nodes, all fields supported for all levels of this component (though some bugs may be present)
  • partial   some nodes and fields supported
  • level #   which component level number (1-4) is supported
  •    no       no support provided
  •     ?        unknown, need status report

Tools, versions: Authoring tools Conversion tools
BS Editor SwirlX3D Editor Vivaty Studio X3D-Edit Okino Polytrans SwirlX3D Translator
v7.1 v2.1.7 v1.0 build 900 v3.2
X3D component list
CAD geometry  ? yes no yes  ? yes
Core  ? yes yes yes  ? yes
Cube map environmental texturing  ? no partial  ?  ? no
Distributed interactive simulation (DIS)  ? no no yes  ? no
Environmental effects  ? yes yes yes  ? yes
Environmental sensor  ? yes yes yes  ? yes
Event utilities  ? yes yes yes  ? yes
Followers  ? no no no  ? no
Geometry2D  ? yes no partial  ? yes
Geometry3D  ? yes yes yes  ? yes
Geospatial partial no no yes  ? no
Grouping  ? yes yes yes  ? yes
Humanoid animation (H-Anim)  ? partial yes yes  ? partial
Interpolation  ? yes yes yes  ? yes
Key device sensor  ? yes yes yes  ? yes
Layering  ? yes partial no  ? yes
Layout  ? yes partial no  ? yes
Lighting  ? yes yes yes  ? yes
Navigation  ? yes yes yes  ? yes
Networking  ? yes yes yes  ? yes
NURBS  ? yes partial no  ? yes
Particle systems  ? no partial yes  ? no
Picking sensor  ? no yes yes  ? no
Pointing device sensor  ? yes yes yes  ? yes
Programmable shaders  ? partial no no  ? partial
Rendering  ? yes yes yes  ? yes
Rigid body physics  ? no no partial  ? no
Scripting - ECMAScript yes no yes yes  ? no
Scripting - Java  ? no no yes  ? no
Shape  ? yes yes yes  ? yes
- FillProperties node  ? no  ? partial  ? no
- LineProperties node  ? no  ? yes  ? no
Sound  ? yes yes partial  ? yes
Text  ? yes yes partial  ? yes
Texturing  ? partial yes yes  ? partial
Texturing3D  ? no no partial  ? no
Time  ? yes yes yes  ? yes
Tools BS Editor SwirlX3D Editor Vivaty Studio X3D-Edit Okino Polytrans SwirlX3D Translator