Plans for Merging X3D AR Proposals

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This page is for discussing plans for merging X3D AR proposals, compared in Comparison of X3D AR Proposals.

Plan A: Yvonne

Plan B: Gerard Kim

Plan C: Gun Lee

1. Discuss general strategy/policy/guidelines - General guidelines in Web3D consortium? - From the scene writer's point of view, preferably less code for commonly/frequently used features, while detail control available for special cases. - From the user's (viewer's) point of view, the scene should be adopted to the hardware/software environment (tracker, camera device, browser, etc.) s/he has.

 (i.e. scene writer should not specify hardware/software environment in the scene.)

2. Investigate each functional features stepwise - Camera video stream image in the scene (texture and background) - Tracking (including support for general tracking devices) - Camera calibration (viewpoints) - Others (color-keying, depth occlusion)

3. Integration of functional features - Conflicts between individual components - Merging components

4. Specification writing

5. Review