January 8th, 2014 at 5:00pm PDT, Agenda and Minutes

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Dick Puk, Don Brutzman, William Glascoe, Myeong Won Lee, Joe Williams, and Prof. Jung-Ju Choi attended.

1. Facial animation using current H-Anim

Jung-Ju explained his proposal for facial animation. Joe Williams answered Jung-Ju's questions about the 

2. Restrictions on current H-Anim

Don explains how feature points are animated (via H-Anim sites) and how a comparison (coordinate interpolator of a mesh to see if a displacer is needed). There are animations using displacers. Joe recognizes this proposal is targeting an end point with a weight. In a way it works as an interpolator. Where do you get the source animations for facial expressions? A prerequisite for coordinate interpolator is that every coordinate in the mesh must be animated. A displacer's advantage is that you specify only the end value, not the initial value. A coordinate interpolator

Level of Detail perspective (JW) might

3. Standardization item for facial animation

4. NWIP discussion

5. Scheduling next meeting

Next meeting will be held in person, co-located at the meetings below, as well as via Web3D teleconference. January 20th (Monday) at 4:00pm PST (21th, 9:00am KST)

Wed3D, SC24 WG9, AR JAhG Meetings, January 20-23, The K Seoul Hotel, Seoul Korea Meeting Place: Heagem B, 3rd floor, The K Seoul Hotel (http://www.thek-hotel.co.kr/e_s! eoul/main.asp)

(OLD name: Seoul KyoYuk-MunHwa-HoiKwan)