H-Anim History of Draft Specifications

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H-Anim specification, historical efforts

Note: the following versions have no official standing and are not active.
* Intermediate draft version, ISO/IEC 19774:2005
** http://www.web3d.org/x3d/specifications/ISO-IEC-19774-HumanoidAnimation/HAnim/HAnim.html
* H-Anim 200x specification (ISO_IEC_FCD_19774)
** http://h-anim.org/Specifications/H-Anim200x/ISO_IEC_FCD_19774
* H-Anim working group version 1.1, unofficial 
** http://h-anim.org/Specifications/H-Anim1.1
* H-Anim working group version 1.0, unofficial 
** http://h-anim.org/Specifications/H-Anim1.0

The H-Anim working group intends to put all of these documents into version control on github to ensure that all past work can be considered, as we create the next version of H-Anim.