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Humanoid Animation (H-Anim)
Humanoid Animation (H-Anim)
New, March 2012:  [[H-Anim Working Group Draft Charter]] materials by [http://www.web3d.kr Web3D Korean Chapter]
Links of interest:
Links of interest:

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Humanoid Animation (H-Anim)

New, March 2012: H-Anim Working Group Draft Charter materials by Web3D Korean Chapter

Links of interest:

There has been previous work by the H-Anim working group during 2008-2009 that was not completed. Here are some additional links on the members-only wiki:

  • TODO list progress and problems
  • TODO determine visibility permissions for items on the members-only sites (this is a decision by the working group, assuming that no non-public information is included)
  • TODO find prior working group charter

Much additional work has been proposed by the Korea Chapter.

  1. Definition of a humanoid character model capable of generating motion from captured motion data
  2. Definition of a humanoid character model capable of generating motion using a general motion definition such as keyframe, interpolation, kinematics and dynamics for human figures.
  3. Definition of motion parameters for transferring or exchanging motion between different human character models
  4. Definition of motion data interface for including motion data
  5. Definition of behavior modeling data
  6. Definition of motion viewer’s functionality
  7. Video human functionality and gestures will be considered in AR/MR working group efforts

We agreed on the 1 FEB 2012 teleconference that it is a good idea to document work on these many good ideas using this H-Anim public wiki. Further comment is welcome about this.

The main thing that is needed next is to get the H-Anim Working Group restarted and rejuvenated.

  • Draft H-Anim Charter
  • TODO we need 1-2 members who are willing to volunteer to serve as working group cochairs.