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This table lists the essential elements of X3D as supplied by community members. If you wish to add to this collection, please start a new column with your name as the column header. You can add rows to include elements not currently listed.

Element Description Leonard Andreas Doug
Extensible Definition can be extended by the user/developer in a non-fatal manner X X
Long lasting Supports encodings from the past or 10 years into the future X X
Declarative Defines all elements declaratively X
Multi-platform Runs the (nearly) the same on all supported platforms X X
Modeling Allows for the definition of 3D models
Feature rich The definitions contains many features and capabilities
Volume displays Capable of displaying more than just surfaces
Built-in navigation tbd
Deterministic time model tbd
Simulation capable Supports high fidelity simulations X
Self documenting Definition supports self-documenting structures (e.g., Metadata) X X