Discussions for Merging X3D AR Proposals

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As described in Plans for Merging X3D AR Proposals, here we discuss and produce a merged proposal for each functional components by investigating each functional features stepwise.

1. Camera video stream image into the scene (texture and background)

  • New node structure for supporting live camera video stream as a background or texture.

Option 1. Explicit Defining a node that represents the camera/image sensor, then routing it to other nodes (e.g. Pixel Texture node or a new Background node such as ImageBackground or MovieBackground)

Pros. - Open for using it in other purposes in the future (more extensible)

Cons. - Relatively more complicated to write scenes and implement browsers

Option 2. Implicit Defining a node that represents "background" or "texture" with user media (either from

Pros. - Simpler on content creators perspective - Easier to implement and test since lesser interaction with other nodes

Cons. - Single purpose node, which might not be used much for other purposes

Option 3. Allowing both Pros. - Letting user to choose the option that meets their needs

Cons. - Cost to implement both to browser developers

  • Selecting a device

Reference: HTML5 getUserMedia() API

2. Tracking (including support for general tracking devices) 3. Camera calibration (viewpoints) 4. Others (color-keying, depth occlusion)