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Color : X3DColorNode { 
  MFColor [in,out] color    [NULL] [0,1]
  SFNode  [in,out] metadata NULL   [X3DMetadataObject]

This node defines a set of RGB colours to be used in the fields of another node.

Color nodes are only used to specify multiple colours for a single geometric shape, such as colours for the faces or vertices of an IndexedFaceSet. A Material node is used to specify the overall material parameters of lit geometry. If both a Material node and a Color node are specified for a geometric shape, the colours shall replace the diffuse component of the material.

RGB or RGBA textures take precedence over colours; specifying both an RGB or RGBA texture and a Color node for geometric shape will result in the Color node being ignored. Details on lighting equations can be found in the Lighting model section of the X3D specification.