Class GeoLocation

All Implemented Interfaces:
X3DChildNode, X3DNode, GeoLocation, X3DBoundedObject, X3DGroupingNode

public class GeoLocation extends X3DConcreteNode implements GeoLocation
GeoLocation positions a regular X3D model onto earth's surface.

X3D node tooltip: [X3DGroupingNode,X3DVisibleObject] GeoLocation positions a regular X3D model onto earth's surface. GeoLocation can contain children and GeoOrigin nodes.
  • Hint: X3D for Advanced Modeling (X3D4AM) slideset
  • Warning: requires X3D profile='Full' or else include <component name='Geospatial' level='1'/>
  • Warning: avoid having GeoLocation or GeoTransform as a parent or ancestor node of each other, since multiple geospatial transformations then occur with unpredictable results.
  • Hint: GeoLocation adjusts orientation of children models appropriately: +Y axis is up direction for that local area (i.e. normal to tangent plane on the geospatial ellipsoid), -Z axis points towards north pole, and +X axis points east.

Package hint: This org.web3d.x3d.jsail concrete class is used for implementing a standalone X3D object as a Plain Old Java Object (POJO). If you are writing Java code for use inside an X3D Script node, compile separate code using only the org.web3d.x3d.sai package instead.
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