Class MetadataFloat

All Implemented Interfaces:
MetadataFloat, X3DMetadataObject, X3DNode

public class MetadataFloat extends X3DConcreteNode implements MetadataFloat
The metadata provided by this node is contained in the single-precision floating point numbers of the value field.

X3D node tooltip: [X3DNode,X3DMetadataObject] MetadataFloat contains a typed list of values providing metadata information about its parent node. Further information about this specific Metadata* node may be provided by a single child Metadata* node with containerField="metadata".
  • Hint: use containerField="value" if the parent node is MetadataSet.
  • Hint: each of the Metadata nodes are allowed as top-level root nodes in a scene, be sure to explicitly define containerField='metadata'.
  • Warning: Metadata nodes can only contain other Metadata nodes.
  • Hint: if present, an IS statement is the first child within any other node.
  • Hint: an IS statement precedes any sibling Metadata* node, which in turn precedes any other sibling nodes.
  • Hint: The choice of MetadataDouble versus MetadataFloat usually depends on the relevant tool utilizing the value, or else the relevant metadata reference defining the value.
  • Hint: comments are not readable when a model file is loaded for viewing, but WorldInfo and Metadata* nodes are persistent and inspectable at run time.
  • Hint: X3D for Web Authors, Chapter 15, Metadata Information

Package hint: This org.web3d.x3d.jsail concrete class is used for implementing a standalone X3D object as a Plain Old Java Object (POJO). If you are writing Java code for use inside an X3D Script node, compile separate code using only the org.web3d.x3d.sai package instead.
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