element Shape
diagram x3d-3.1_p140.png
type extension of X3DShapeNode
content complex
children IS MetadataDouble MetadataFloat MetadataInteger MetadataSet MetadataString Appearance Box Cone Cylinder IndexedFaceSet IndexedLineSet IndexedTriangleFanSet IndexedTriangleSet IndexedTriangleStripSet LineSet PointSet Sphere TriangleFanSet TriangleSet TriangleStripSet ElevationGrid Polyline2D Polypoint2D Rectangle2D TriangleSet2D Extrusion Text Arc2D ArcClose2D Circle2D Disk2D QuadSet IndexedQuadSet GeoElevationGrid NurbsCurve NurbsPatchSurface NurbsSweptSurface NurbsSwungSurface NurbsTrimmedSurface ProtoInstance
used by
elements CADFace HAnimHumanoid
group ChildContentModelInterchange
Name  Type  Use  Default  Fixed  Annotation
DEF  xs:ID        

DEF defines a unique ID name for each node, referencable by other nodes.
USE  xs:IDREF        

USE means reuse an already DEF-ed node ID, excluding all child nodes and all other attributes (except for containerField, which can have a different value).
class  xs:NMTOKENS        

The class attribute is a space-separated list of classes, reserved for use by XML stylesheets.
bboxCenter  SFVec3f    0 0 0    
bboxSize  boundingBoxSizeType    -1 -1 -1    
containerField  xs:NMTOKEN    children    
<xs:attribute name="componentName" type="xs:NMTOKEN" fixed="Shape"/>
<xs:attribute name="componentLevel" type="xs:positiveInteger" fixed="1"/>
source <xs:element name="Shape">
<xs:attribute name="componentName" type="xs:NMTOKEN" fixed="Shape"/>
<xs:attribute name="componentLevel" type="xs:positiveInteger" fixed="1"/>
<xs:documentation source="http://www.web3d.org/documents/specifications/19775-1/V3.3/Part01/components/shape.html#Shape"/>
<xs:extension base="X3DShapeNode">
<xs:attribute name="containerField" type="xs:NMTOKEN" default="children"/>

attribute Shape/@containerField
type xs:NMTOKEN
default children
source <xs:attribute name="containerField" type="xs:NMTOKEN" default="children"/>

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