[X3D-Public] tracing X3D events; Logger node?

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Mon Aug 29 14:50:04 PDT 2011

Wondering if people would like a general Logger node for X3D.
Might be organized similar to LoadSensor:  logging events for
any node provided as a child USE node

On 8/5/2011 1:59 PM, Michalis Kamburelis wrote:
> 2011/8/5 Don Brutzman<brutzman at nps.edu>:
>> X3D-Edit now includes a new capability when editing ROUTE connections
>> or event-producing nodes.  If you select the "Trace" checkbox, then
>> a block of X3D code is inserted that connects all of the output events
>> to a Script which reports whenever an event is passed.
> Nice!
> It may be worth adding here that InstantReality and my view3dscene
> include also a Logger node, that allows to do such debugging without
> any Script needed. See
> http://doc.instantreality.org/documentation/nodetype/Logger/ and
> http://vrmlengine.sourceforge.net/kambi_vrml_extensions.php#section_ext_logger
> Michalis
> .

all the best, Don
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