[X3D-Public] tracing X3D events; Logger node?

Michalis Kamburelis michalis.kambi at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 19:27:18 PDT 2011

Don Brutzman write:
> Wondering if people would like a general Logger node for X3D.
> Might be organized similar to LoadSensor:  logging events for
> any node provided as a child USE node

For me it seems like a good idea, as I found the current Logger very
useful :) Anyone?

I'm not sure if duplicating the LoadSensor approach is good here. You
would then log everything send by a given node (by any of it's output
events), which may be too much information. Advantage of current
Logger: it allows to log only a chosen (single) output event. The
disadvantage of current logger: requires adding a very special XFAny
field type. Implementing XFAny is absolutely trivial in my experience,
but I understand that it may be an unwanted complication to the spec,
especially if needed only by a Logger node.

Can other implementors and users comment of the usefulness / ease of
implementation of current Logger? Specs:
- http://doc.instantreality.org/documentation/nodetype/Logger/
- http://vrmlengine.sourceforge.net/kambi_vrml_extensions.php#section_ext_logger


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