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Joshua Smith jesmith at kaon.com
Thu Aug 18 06:56:14 PDT 2011

The relevant section is here:


Search for 3.3.2 NEW. The current language is slightly different (I don't think I'm allowed to quote it), but the meaning isn't changed from what's in that article.

My interpretation is that a SCRIPT node definitely OK if you put the VRML & the Player together into an App, and then put that into the store.

You might not be allowed to make a general VRML content viewer App that supported the Script node, depending on how Apple interprets that language (which is now pretty darn fuzzy).  Also, if you managed to get WebKit to interpret the SCRIPT node for you, then you might be in the clear.

Really, the only way to know is to try to submit the App to Apple and see what happens.  They have an appeal process if it gets rejected.


On Aug 18, 2011, at 1:31 AM, Dave A wrote:

> I'm glad to see progress along these lines, but is it still true that Steve Jobs won't let you install any system that lets you program the iOS phone other than with his own tools, and that the Script node would fall under this ban? Or has that changed? I recall Keith V. running into that a few years ago.
> Dave A.
> On 8/17/2011 8:24 AM, rk tumuluri wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am looking for Vrml/X3D viewers on iPhone/iPads. I see a lot of activity in the freewrl mailing lists on this topic but could not find an installable binary. If I missed something obvious, I apologise.
>> Similarily there is some news from Bitmanagement's site. But they have'nt made an installable publicly available. I wrote to them and got no answer, even though I am an SDK licensee. (strange).
>> Regards
>> /ramakrishna (aka rk)
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