[X3D-Public] X3D Volume examples

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Wed Aug 17 05:57:31 PDT 2011

Nick, thanks for posting this excellent work by your team and the
Web3D Medical Working Group.  This is an important achievement.

We are well along in producing X3D version 3.3 validation and editing
capabilities in support of these new volume visualization capabilities.

Further there is a meeting next week in Rapid City South Dakota with
the International Organization for Standards (IS) Standards Committee
(SC24) and Web3D Consortium representatives to review comments on the
PDAM amendment for X3D v3.3.

In retrospect it certainly looks like a very smart decision to gain
the broad benefits of X3D capabilities and maturity, as well as Web
architectural interoperability, in combination with volume visualization.
This aggregation is much more powerful than any proprietary or private
display of volume imaging data in isolation from other information.

Looking forward to continued progress on this important work to align
our standards for the benefit of all.  I hope that the continued
production of compelling medical examples can help elevate these joint
capabilities to where they need to be:  providing world-class support
for 3D visualization of medical imaging that includes archival
incorporation in medical records.  Long-term benefits will indeed
be life saving.

all the best, Don
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