[X3D-Public] Vrml/X3D viewers on iPhone/iPad ...

John A. Stewart astewart at crc.ca
Wed Aug 17 10:31:01 PDT 2011

Hi rk and all;

WRT FreeWRL and mobile:

1) iPhone:

> I am looking for Vrml/X3D viewers on iPhone/iPads. I see a lot of  
> activity in the freewrl mailing lists on this topic but could not  
> find an installable binary. If I missed something obvious, I  
> apologise.

That is me - you can see some iPhone pics on


SIGGRAPH, work, family, and, most of all, the apple certificate  
issues, all take time.

I think I have it sorted out, and hope to get the freewrl app into the  
"review" process shortly.

2) Android.

A FreeWRL developer has the freewrl library running on the Android. I  
(or, someone!) has to write the Android gui for it.

3) Compatibility, functionality, etc of the mobile devices:

OpenGL-ES 2.0 means lots of rewrites. Cross fingers I have it ok for  
most VRML/3D worlds, but some things like textureCoordinateGenerators  
are not going to work at the moment. (same with Tesselation of meshes  
- that's opengl-ES 2.0 for you...)

John A. Stewart.

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