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John Richardson richards at spawar.navy.mil
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FreeWRL or Bitmanagement develops an "app". Then they put their app on the
app store.

You then use iTunes to download the "app". iTunes downloads and then sync's
your iPhone and installs the app on the iPhone.

Note: They can run the app on their demonstration iPhone or iPad even if it
is not in the app store. Apple reviews the app and that can take some time.
Also, to pass the review process, the app has to be finished so if you see
activity it may just mean it is somewhere in the "app store process".

John F. Richardson

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Hi all,

I am looking for Vrml/X3D viewers on iPhone/iPads. I see a lot of activity 
in the freewrl mailing lists on this topic but could not find an installable

binary. If I missed something obvious, I apologise.

Similarily there is some news from Bitmanagement's site. But they have'nt 
made an installable publicly available. I wrote to them and got no answer, 
even though I am an SDK licensee. (strange).

/ramakrishna (aka rk) 

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