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X3D Example Archives: VRML 2 Sourcebook, Chapter 25 Level Of Detail

Level of detail (LOD) allows an overall world become very large by letting an author provide high-fidelity models when a viewer is nearby, and simpler geometry when the viewer is far away.

The further the viewer can see, the more there is to draw. Note that if a shape is distant, the shape is smaller and the viewer can't see as much detail. So... draw it with less detail. Varying detail with distance reduces initial download time and increases drawing speed.

Increase performance by making multiple levels of shapes: high detail for close up viewing, progressively lower detail for more distant viewing. Group the levels in an LOD node, ordered from high detail to low detail, and using an array of range values to select switching distances .

These X3D scenes are adapted directly from the original VRML 2.0 Sourcebook chapter examples. Also available: VRML 2.0 Sourcebook course notes.

Figure 25.04 Three Torches Side By Side

Figure 25.12 Dungeon Rooms With Sliding Doors

  12 X3D Scenes       Scene Descriptions
Figure25_01TorchHighDetail Figure 25 01 Torch High Detail A high-detail torch.
Figure25_02TorchMediumDetail Figure 25 02 Torch Medium Detail A medium-detail torch.
Figure25_03TorchLowDetail Figure 25 03 Torch Low Detail A low-detail torch.
Figure25_04ThreeTorchesSideBySide Figure 25 04 Three Torches Side By Side The three torches side by side.
Figure25_05ThreeTorchesSingleLOD Figure 25 05 Three Torches Single LOD Three torches within an LOD node. First you must change viewpoints or fly in to watch levels shift. Ordinarily transitions are hard to discern, these transitions are designed to be noticeable.
Figure25_06DungeonRoomFloor Figure 25 06 Dungeon Room Floor A dungeon-room floor.
Figure25_07DungeonRoomWall Figure 25 07 Dungeon Room Wall A dungeon-room wall.
Figure25_08DungeonRoom Figure 25 08 Dungeon Room A dungeon room.
Figure25_09TwoDungeonRoomsWithLODHiding Figure 25 09 Two Dungeon Rooms With LODHiding Two dungeon rooms controlled by LOD nodes, move forward to see second room.
Figure25_10DungeonWallWithDoorway Figure 25 10 Dungeon Wall With Doorway A dungeon wall with a doorway, created using Coordinate and TextureCoordinate.
Figure25_11DungeonDoor Figure 25 11 Dungeon Door A dungeon door.
Figure25_12DungeonRoomsWithSlidingDoors Figure 25 1 2Dungeon Rooms With Sliding Doors Two dungeon rooms controlled by LOD nodes and separated by a wall and a pair of sliding doors.

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