Package Vrml2Sourcebook.Chapter28Anchor

package Vrml2Sourcebook.Chapter28Anchor

Similar to HTML web pages, the Anchor node lets an author make shapes selectable for navigating to another viewpoint, loading a new VRML/X3D world, or launching new content in a Web browser.

An Anchor node creates a group that acts as a clickable anchor where every child node in the group is displayed, and clicking one follows a url to another scene or another Web link. An Anchor can also bring the user to another Viewpoint location in the scene. A description field names each Anchor so that the user knows its purpose.

These X3D scenes are adapted directly from the original VRML 2.0 Sourcebook chapter examples. Also available: Introduction to VRML97 SIGGRAPH98 course notes.

This X3D VRML2 Sourcebook Chapter 28 Anchor examples archive is online.

The X3D Java Scene Access Interface (x3djsail) package provides concrete classes for each X3D node and statement.

Online: X3D Java Scene Access Interface Library (X3DJSAIL) and X3DJSAIL Javadoc

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