Package Vrml2Sourcebook.Chapter11Grouping

package Vrml2Sourcebook.Chapter11Grouping

Grouping nodes are used to group shapes to compose complex shapes.

  • The Switch node creates a switched group where only one child node in the group is displayed, children implicitly numbered from 0 and a whichChoice value of -1 selects no children.
  • Transform creates a group with its own coordinate system where every child node in the group is displayed.
  • Billboard creates a group with a special coordinate system that turns to face the viewer.

This X3D VRML2 Sourcebook Chapter 11 Grouping examples archive is online.

The X3D Java Scene Access Interface (x3djsail) package provides concrete classes for each X3D node and statement.

Online: X3D Java Scene Access Interface Library (X3DJSAIL) and X3DJSAIL Javadoc

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