Package ConformanceNist.Sensors.ProximitySensor

package ConformanceNist.Sensors.ProximitySensor
  • Class Summary
    Test the "center" field of a ProximitySensor.
    Test the size field of a ProximitySensor.
    Test DEF of multipl ProximitySensors.
    A ProximitySensor with all default values is associated with a red Sphere geometry.
    A ProximitySensor (represented by a box frame that coincides with the location of the ProximitySensor bounding box), encloses a red Sphere geometry.
    Test isActive event.
    Two unique (not instances of) ProximitySensor node are associated with two unique Sphere geometry.
    Test effect of nested Transforms.
    A ProximitySensor bounding box of size 10 by 10 by 10 surrounds a Sphere geometry.
    Test enterTime field.