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[1] multi_elevation_face_normals.x3d Front View
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Normal defines a set of 3D surface-normal vectors that apply either to a sibling Coordinate|CoordinateDouble node, or else to a parent ElevationGrid node. Normal values are perpendicular directions that are used per-polygon or per-vertex when computing lighting and shading.

X3D Tooltips of interest: Normal.

X3D Specification sections of interest: 11 Rendering component,, 11.2 Concepts, Geometric properties: Normals, 11.3.6 X3DNormalNode and 11.4.10 Normal.

X3D Examples Archives of related interest:

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multi elevation face normals.x3d    
[1] multi_elevation_face_normals.x3d Front View
[2] multi_elevation_face_normals.x3d Rear View
[3] multi_elevation_face_normals.x3d Top View
[4] multi_elevation_face_normals.x3d Bottom View
[5] multi_elevation_face_normals.x3d Right View
[6] multi_elevation_face_normals.x3d Left View
[7] multi_elevation_face_normals.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

multi elevation vertex normals.x3d    
[8] multi_elevation_vertex_normals.x3d Front View
[9] multi_elevation_vertex_normals.x3d Rear View
[10] multi_elevation_vertex_normals.x3d Top View
[11] multi_elevation_vertex_normals.x3d Bottom View
[12] multi_elevation_vertex_normals.x3d Right View
[13] multi_elevation_vertex_normals.x3d Left View
[14] multi_elevation_vertex_normals.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

multi faceset face normals.x3d    
[15] multi_faceset_face_normals.x3d Front View
[16] multi_faceset_face_normals.x3d Rear View
[17] multi_faceset_face_normals.x3d Top View
[18] multi_faceset_face_normals.x3d Bottom View
[19] multi_faceset_face_normals.x3d Right View
[20] multi_faceset_face_normals.x3d Left View
[21] multi_faceset_face_normals.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

normals 15000.x3d    
[22] normals15000.x3d Front View
[23] normals15000.x3d Rear View
[24] normals15000.x3d Top View
[25] normals15000.x3d Bottom View
[26] normals15000.x3d Right View
[27] normals15000.x3d Left View
[28] normals15000.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

single elevation face normals.x3d    
[29] single_elevation_face_normals.x3d Front View
[30] single_elevation_face_normals.x3d Rear View
[31] single_elevation_face_normals.x3d Top View
[32] single_elevation_face_normals.x3d Bottom View
[33] single_elevation_face_normals.x3d Right View
[34] single_elevation_face_normals.x3d Left View
[35] single_elevation_face_normals.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

single elevation vertex normals.x3d    
[36] single_elevation_vertex_normals.x3d Front View
[37] single_elevation_vertex_normals.x3d Rear View
[38] single_elevation_vertex_normals.x3d Top View
[39] single_elevation_vertex_normals.x3d Bottom View
[40] single_elevation_vertex_normals.x3d Right View
[41] single_elevation_vertex_normals.x3d Left View
[42] single_elevation_vertex_normals.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

single faceset face normals.x3d    
[43] single_faceset_face_normals.x3d Front View
[44] single_faceset_face_normals.x3d Rear View
[45] single_faceset_face_normals.x3d Top View
[46] single_faceset_face_normals.x3d Bottom View
[47] single_faceset_face_normals.x3d Right View
[48] single_faceset_face_normals.x3d Left View
[49] single_faceset_face_normals.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

single faceset vertex normals.x3d    
[50] single_faceset_vertex_normals.x3d Front View
[51] single_faceset_vertex_normals.x3d Rear View
[52] single_faceset_vertex_normals.x3d Top View
[53] single_faceset_vertex_normals.x3d Bottom View
[54] single_faceset_vertex_normals.x3d Right View
[55] single_faceset_vertex_normals.x3d Left View
[56] single_faceset_vertex_normals.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

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