Interface StaticGroup

All Superinterfaces:
X3DBoundedObject, X3DChildNode, X3DNode
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public interface StaticGroup extends X3DChildNode, X3DBoundedObject
StaticGroup is similar to Group node but does not allow access to children after creation time.

Warning: this is an abstract interface that cannot be instantiated as a concrete object. Java programmers typically only need to use concrete objects provided by the org.web3d.x3d.jsail classes. StaticGroup node tooltip: [X3DChildNode,X3DBoundedObject,X3DVisibleObject] StaticGroup is a Grouping node that can contain most nodes. StaticGroup children are guaranteed to not change, send events, receive events, or include re-USE-able content. This allows browser optimizations of contained-node content.
  • Hint: insert a Shape node before adding geometry or Appearance.
  • Warning: requires X3D profile='Full' or else include <component name='Grouping' level='3'/>

Package hint: This interface is defined by the X3D Java Language Binding Specification for the Scene Authoring Interface (SAI).
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