Interface X3DFollowerNode

All Superinterfaces:
X3DChildNode, X3DNode
All Known Subinterfaces:
ColorChaser, ColorDamper, CoordinateChaser, CoordinateDamper, OrientationChaser, OrientationDamper, PositionChaser, PositionChaser2D, PositionDamper, PositionDamper2D, ScalarChaser, ScalarDamper, TexCoordChaser2D, TexCoordDamper2D, X3DChaserNode, X3DDamperNode
All Known Implementing Classes:
ColorChaserObject, ColorDamperObject, CoordinateChaserObject, CoordinateDamperObject, OrientationChaserObject, OrientationDamperObject, PositionChaser2DObject, PositionChaserObject, PositionDamper2DObject, PositionDamperObject, ScalarChaserObject, ScalarDamperObject, TexCoordChaser2DObject, TexCoordDamper2DObject

public interface X3DFollowerNode
extends X3DChildNode
X3DFollowerNode is the abstract base class for all nodes in the Followers component.

Package hint: This interface is defined by the X3D Java Language Binding Specification for the Scene Authoring Interface (SAI).
See Also:
SAI Java Specification: TODO, X3D Abstract Specification: TODO, X3D Tooltips, X3D Scene Authoring Hints
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    boolean getIsActive()
    Provide boolean value from outputOnly SFBool field named isActive.
    X3DMetadataObject getMetadata()
    Provide X3DMetadataObject instance (using a properly typed node) from inputOutput SFNode field metadata.
    X3DFollowerNode setMetadata​(X3DMetadataObject newValue)
    Accessor method to assign X3DMetadataObject instance (using a properly typed node) to inputOutput SFNode field metadata.