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X3D Example Archives: Basic, Experimental Binary Compression

Eight.x3d mesh model used for compression tests

These developmental examples illustrate how geometric compression based on text-based ASCII encodings might be integrated into X3D scenes via Prototype nodes that encapsulate Script processing. The file-size reduction technique Coding Polygon Meshes as Compressable ASCII by Martin Isenburg and Jack Snoeyink is documented in award-winning papers presented at the Web3D 2002 and 2003 Symposia. A Shout3D implementation demonstration is also available.

Further work on the X3D Compressed Binary Encoding (CBE) can be found at X3D Binary Compression Capabilities and Plans wiki page.

X3D Scenes Descriptions
Coded Compressed Prototypes Prototypes for CodedIndexedFaceSet decoding and CompressedIndexedFaceSet decompression, with links to example scenes.
Eight IndexedFaceSet example.
Eight Coded ASCII-coded IndexedFaceSet example.
Eight Compressed Compressed IndexedFaceSet example.
Fish Simple fish example used for encoding and compression comparisons.
Fish Coded Fish example with IndexedFaceSet encoding.
Fish Compressed Fish example with IndexedFaceSet compression.
Lion IndexedFaceSet example.
Lion Coded ASCII-coded IndexedFaceSet example.
Lion Compressed Compressed IndexedFaceSet example.
Teapot IndexedFaceSet example.
Teapot Coded ASCII-coded IndexedFaceSet example.
Teapot Compressed Compressed IndexedFaceSet example.

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Master source code archive is under subversion control at

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Also available: current and archived nightly builds and distributions of these examples, all published under an Open-Source License.

The X3D Resources: Examples page and Savage Developers Guide provide more information about the production of this archive.