Interface X3DKeyDeviceSensorNode

All Superinterfaces:
X3DChildNode, X3DNode, X3DSensorNode
All Known Subinterfaces:
KeySensor, StringSensor
All Known Implementing Classes:
KeySensorObject, StringSensorObject

public interface X3DKeyDeviceSensorNode
extends X3DSensorNode
Base type for all sensor node types that operate using key devices.

Package hint: This interface is defined by the X3D Java Language Binding Specification for the Scene Authoring Interface (SAI).
See Also:
SAI Java Specification: TODO, X3D Abstract Specification: TODO, X3D Tooltips, X3D Scene Authoring Hints
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    boolean getEnabled()
    Provide boolean value from inputOutput SFBool field named enabled.
    boolean getIsActive()
    Provide boolean value from outputOnly SFBool field named isActive.
    X3DMetadataObject getMetadata()
    Provide X3DMetadataObject instance (using a properly typed node) from inputOutput SFNode field metadata.
    X3DKeyDeviceSensorNode setEnabled​(boolean newValue)
    Accessor method to assign boolean value to inputOutput SFBool field named enabled.
    X3DKeyDeviceSensorNode setMetadata​(X3DMetadataObject newValue)
    Accessor method to assign X3DMetadataObject instance (using a properly typed node) to inputOutput SFNode field metadata.