[X3D-Public] starting with x3dom: no nodes displayed

Yvonne Jung yjung at igd.fhg.de
Sat Aug 6 05:09:49 PDT 2011


> By the way, I am exporting from Blender 2.58. I have to switch off
> hierarchies when exporting, then I get my model somehow loaded. It does
> not really display though, only when hitting the (d)ebug button in the
> applet canvas, I see a rainbow-colored small top-view of the model:
> http://static.larsgrobe.de/x3d/bursa_open.html
> Is this a problem of Blender's x3d exporter, or is it a known issue?

neither nor, it's a feature :) The image shows the picking buffer map that
contains the normalized world positions and if you have shadows enabled
(currently only working for the first directional light in a scene) it
additionally shows the shadow map (which looks unusal, since the floats are
spreaded ober the channels).

Concerning the output (mentioned in your other mail) you can install instant
player. Then there is a small command line tool called aopt in your
installation folder which can be used.


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