Class XmpMetadataEmbedded


public class XmpMetadataEmbedded extends Object

Simple XMP sidecar example: Hello XMP metadata!.

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Scene Meta Information
meta tags   Document Metadata
title XmpMetadataEmbedded.x3d
description Simple XMP sidecar example: Hello XMP metadata!
created 29 April 2021
revised 21 February 2022
creator Don Brutzman, Vince Marchetti, Jakub Flotynski, Dick Puk
warning Source model assumes default containerField=value for X3D4 Metadata nodes, specification resolution needed
reference Summary presentation XmpMetadataSupportX3D.pptx
reference XmpMetadataSidecar.xml
reference XmpMetadataSidecar.rdf
reference XmpMetadataSidecar.ttl
generator Protege
Image XmpMetadataEmbeddedX3dComparison.png
reference XmpMetadataExampleWikipedia.xml
reference XmpMetadataExampleWikipedia.ttl
TODO Once pattern OK, write conversion stylesheets XmpToX3dMetadata.xslt and X3dMetadataToXmp.xslt
info X3D support for xml:lang attribute not provided in X3D XML Schema, instead use MetadataString as best practice.
reference Wikipedia XMP
reference Wikipedia Metadata
reference W3C Ontology for Media Resources 1.0
reference ISO XMP ISO 16684-1:2019Part 1: Data model, serialization and core properties
reference ISO XMP 16684-2:2014 Part 2: Description of XMP schemas using RELAX NG
reference Adobe XMP
reference Adobe XMP
reference ExifTool XMP Tags
generator X3D-Edit 4.0,

This program uses the X3D Java Scene Access Interface Library (X3DJSAIL). It has been produced using the X3dToJava.xslt stylesheet (version control) which is used to create Java source code from an original .x3d model.