Class NancyDiving


public class NancyDiving extends Object

Nancy having fun scuba diving!.

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Scene Meta Information
meta tags HumanoidAnimation.Legacy.NancyDiving  Document Metadata
title NancyDiving.x3d
description Nancy having fun scuba diving!
creator Etsuko Lippi
translator Tom Miller
translator Don Brutzman
created 17 December 2001
modified 2 July 2023
TODO convert to HAnim 2.0
error Legacy model, not valid as X3D4 HAnim version 2.0 since HAnim version 1.0 has significant differences and is no longer directly supported
hint Default orientation along X axis (vice HAnim required Y axis) since diving posture is typically prone.
warning problem with left arm animation
warning Viewpoint nodes need to be made child nodes under HAnimHumanoid with containerField='viewpoints'.
generator X3D-Edit 3.3,
license ../license.html

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