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Comprehensive example showing skeleton, skin, sites and interpolator animation together.


X3D Scene   Metadata
title   JoeSkeletonSkinSaluteSiteWalk.x3d
description   Comprehensive example showing skeleton, skin, sites and interpolator animation together.
creator   Joe D. Williams
created   9 January 2004
translated   4 December 2022
modified   2 July 2023
warning   Under development, numerous errors and warnings
TODO   This is an HAnimV1 loa model, might need to convert to X3D4 to note loa value
TODO   Provide feedback to tovrmlx3d converter
TODO   HAnimJoint cannot contain X3DChildNode elements, only HAnimJoint HAnimSegmet HAnimSite - improve diagnostics.
TODO   ensure name prefix "Joe_" applied to all contained DEF values (not name field), perhaps correction automatically applied by X3DTidy
reference   JoeSkeletonSkinSaluteSiteWalk.original.x3dv
reference   JoeSkeletonSkinSaluteSiteWalk.modified1.x3dv
reference   JoeSkeletonSkinSaluteSiteWalk.modified2.x3dv
Image   JoeSkeletonSkinSiteSaluteWalk_X3D-Edit.png
reference   JoeSkeletonSkinSiteSaluteWalk_composite.vsdx
Image   JoeSkeletonSkinSiteSaluteWalk_composite.2023JAN2.png
Image   JoeSkeletonSkinSiteSaluteWalk_view3dscene.png
Image   JoeSkeletonSkinSiteSaluteWalk_X_ITE.png
Image   JoeSkeletonSkinSiteSaluteWalk_X3DOM.png
Image   JoeSkeletonSkinSiteSaluteWalk_H3DViewer.png
Image   JoeSkeletonSkinSiteSaluteWalk_freeWrl.png
Image   JoeSkeletonSkinSiteSaluteWalk_Octaga.png
Image   JoeSkeletonSkinSiteSaluteWalk_vivaty.png
generator   tovrmlx3d,
translator   Michalis Kamburelis
translator   Don Brutzman
translator   Joe D. Williams
generator   X3D-Edit 4.0,
license   ../license.html
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