X_ITE X3D Player   Test if a SphereSensor grabs all further motion events from pointing device when the sensor generates "isActive" true event for primitive geometry. The Box geometry has an associated SphereSensor that routes its "rotation_changed" events to that geometrys Transform node. As a result, pressing the primary pointing device button while over the Box should rotate that geometry. In addition, a TouchSensor is assocated with the Box geometry and a PointLight, but is nested "higher" in the sensor hierarchy. Passing the primary pointing device over the Box should route and isActive event to a PointLight and illuminate the IndexedFaceSets. Dragging the pointing device over the Box geometry and holding the primary pointing device button down should generate an isActive = true event for the SphereSensor and prevent the TouchSensor from activating (and the PointLight from coming ON), When the button is released, and the cursor is over the Box, the PointLight should turn on.

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Original X3D scene: multisensor.x3d

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