X_ITE X3D Player   Test browser to set the cutOffAngle field to a range of values on a set of a simple geometry (sphere) Seven rows of spheres are drawn in the local coordinate system and a single SpotLight is defined at the center. The lights cutOffAngle is increased as the animation progesses. The animation is started by clicking on the text above the geometry. The beamWidth is set to 0.2 for for the light and is never changed. This should cause that only the area bounded by the beamWidth value be illuminated at full intensity. The area between the cutOffAngle and the beamWidth will receive gradually less amount of light. A browser may choose to ignore the beamWidth field.

Display error: X3D model not shown.

Your HTML browser does not appear to support all features required by the X_ITE X3D player!

Original X3D scene: test_cutOffAnglesim2.x3d

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