X_ITE X3D Player   This test addresses the effect of the PointLight ambientIntensity on the ambient of a simple object (Sphere). Two spheres are drawn in the local coordinate system and a PointLight is defined to shine on them along the -Z axis. The sphere to the left contains an ambientIntensity 0.3 and the sphere to the right contains an initial ambientIntensity of 1 The ambientIntensity of the light is increased on both spheres as the animation progresses. Since both materials ambientIntensity are constants, at the end of the animation the one to the right will be brigther than the one to the left. This is because at the end of the animation the sphere to the right will have maximum ambient (both material and light ambientIntensity will be 1)

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Original X3D scene: test_ambeffect_ambientsim.x3d

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