X_ITE X3D Player   Test of a ScalarInterpolators ability to set its initial "value_changed" field to the correct value prior to receiving any events. Two ScalarInterpolator node are associated with two seperate Cylinder geometry. The ScalarInterpolator associated with the Cylinder on the left has a keyValue of 1.0, while the ScalarInterpolator associated with the right Cylinder has the default of no keyValues, or [ ]. As a result, the ScalarInterpolator on the left should initialize its "value_changed" field to the value of its first keyValue, or 1.0 . Because no keyValues are provided to the right ScalarInterpolator, it should initialize its "value_changed" field to the SFFloat default value of 0.0 A Script node reads this value for each ScalarInterpolator, and will illuminate the associated Cylinder in intensity by a value equal to its initially read "value_changed" SFFloat value. When the pointing device passes over the left Cylinder, it should illumminate to an intensity value of 1.0 (bright) each time it is indicated, then return to its original intensity (0.5) when no longer indicated by the pointing device. When the pointing device passes over the right Cylinder, it have no light intensity (ie. it should remain black).

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Original X3D scene: value_changed.x3d

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